Ants Costa Del Sol

Ants Costa del Sol, Marbella,Fuengirola,Sotogrande,Benalmadena,Nerja,Estepona,Coin,Alhaurin,Mijas costa, they are everywhere. They become a problem when they start entering houses during and just after a cold or very wet spell. We have non chemical and chemical approaches to the problem, and this year in 2018 we have an organic pesticide with no smell that is very safe for ou and your family. Ask us for advice and we will gladly give it for FREE. ask us about our Whatsapp diagnosis service. we can diagnose and price most problems for free using new technology. And of course for that personal touch we give free site surveys and estimates. We are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. There are 288 types of ant on the costa del sol and southern Spain including: garden ants and Argentine ants. They all respond differently, and its not a one cap fits all solution. please dont get caught out by firms not identifying the problem correctly and using the wrong products.We had an email recently from a women who had a problem with ants, this is the content: ” What is it that’s in our house that’s so much more appealling than all the varied food sources in our campo garden?

We clean the kitchen at least once a day, we meticulously wipe down the worktops every time we use them, we don’t leave food out. Why is it that one, single crumb so small you can barely see it results in a trail of ants up the side of the units, across the worktop, across the gas hob, across the next stretch of worktop, and into the toaster?

They’re everywhere. They found a dead millipede under the sofa last night. We didn’t know anything about it until my partner realised she was sitting in ants. They were climbing up on the sofa looking for food.

I’ve never got pleasure out of killing anything before. I was smiling happily when I took the throw off the sofa and put it in the washing machine. We’ve got one of those green, round things that’s supposed to lure them in and they take the poison back to the nest (seems pretty useless), and I crouch next to it for ages trying to coax them in. I’ve even considered turning the toaster on, but think that could be messy and we might end up eating toasted ant for the next several weeks.

I’ve heard someone omention a plug in device that stops them coming in (my parents have one in Lanzarote that works for cockroaches, but they don’t have an ant problem). Has anyone else mentioned that they have had any success with that kind of thing?” this was our reply “Thanks for the enquiry, many people have asked about electronic deterents and unfortunately they dont reall work. You appear to have Argentine ants, these are small ants that make their homes in walls and cavities. We can happily come out and assess your problem for free.”  neadless to say we did and 12 months on no problems with ants and a peaceful time during meals. Call Local pest on 0034 684115939 we also have whatsapp or send us an email on